Joni Mitchell was right... We are stardust!
In her book Living With the Stars, well known professor of pathology Iris Schrijver describes how "All we've been and all we'll ever be, originated in cosmic explosions billions of years ago."
"Everything we are, everything in the Universe & on Earth originated from stardust, and it continually floats through us even today. It directly connects us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and again, over our lifetimes."
When you look up on a clear night on Great Barrier Island... It's hard not to feel the truth in her words.

Great Barrier Island is the worlds third Dark Sky Sanctuary and the only island to enjoy such fantastic recognition.
Perfectly positioned on the edge of the Hauraki Gulf and with no reticulated electricity supply, Aotea enjoys almost no light pollution. Because of this, the island's skies have been rated as 'second to none'!

Good Heavens !

Our island based Dark Sky Ambassadors are now offering locals & visitors a unique opportunity to explore the heavens above...
Good Heavens is a group of trained Dark Sky Ambassadors based here on Great Barrier Island.
Our enthusiastic ambassadors will guide you through the starry southern night skies and beyond, sharing their knowledge on the basics of astronomy and acquainting you with the amazing display above. Whether you're a couple looking to experience something unique during your island visit or part of a larger group wanting to add a whole new dimension to your island adventure...
Good Heavens Dark Sky Experiences will ensure your time on Aotea is memorable and amazing!

Take a look at our Dark Sky Experience menu...

​Private Dark Sky Experience

Tariff: $250 for 2 guests - Extra guests at $75 each.
This is a 1.5 hour tour with a Dark Sky Ambassador, either at your accommodation or at Medlands Beach.
For more than 2 people, the tour may take a bit longer, up to 2 hrs.
Equipment: An 8" Dobsonian telescope, binoculars, bean bags, chairs, blankets.

Dining with the Stars

Tariff: from $760 - Dinner Included - minimum 6 guests.
Looking to experience breathtaking skies while enjoying great food by a local gourmet chef?
If you are, then this is the experience for you. We will take care of dinner, the stars and even the dishes.
Interested in booking? Get in touch to learn more now.

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