~ In a day and age where reconnecting with yourself and disconnecting from what doesn’t serve you is becoming more and more important, experiencing the incredible beaches, walks, waterfalls, campgrounds, peace, and tranquillity that Great Barrier Island has to share provides the real Great Reset.

With the increasing demand of both rental cars and accommodation and the increasing cost of the latter, we bridge the gap in providing fellow adventurers with an easy, affordable, unique, and convenient way to explore The Barrier. We strive for low impact in creating a 'transport and accommodation in one' alternative, allowing you to enjoy Great Barrier Island camping, easy cooking, and epic adventuring at your own pace.

Stay High in our roof top tent, or Stay Grounded in our Kathmandu tents with all inclusive camping and cooking gear while cruising the island in style.

The Ultimate Way to Explore Aotea, Great Barrier Island

Currently we have three vehicles available to rent: two identical Stay High Adventure Vehicles, and one Stay Grounded Safari Vehicle. They are all set up with everything you need to camp and explore on Great Barrier Island.

Stay High Adventure Vehicle (x2)

2007 Nissan X Trail – Automatic

Drives: 2-4 people
Sleeps: 1-2 people plus 1 small child
Includes: Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tent, Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning, and quality camping gear.

Cost: $185/Night - 2 Night minimum applies. 

Stay Grounded Safari Vehicle

1997 Suzuki Samurai – Manual

Drives and Sleeps: 1-2 people
Includes: 3 person Kathmandu Tent, Bush Storage roof top cargo box, Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning, and quality camping gear

Cost: $175/Night - 2 Night minimum applies.

Go Great Barrier Island

Features Include:

– Feldon’s unique window design, offering 360° views and even better aerodynamics in high winds, you can see and feel it all.
– Heavy duty canvas will keep you dry in almost all weather conditions.
– Thick mosquito mesh keeps all the bugs out so you can rest easy.

We also supply an Ipad Mini with pre downloaded instructions on how to set up the Feldon Roof Top Tent & Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning. 

Vehicle Details:

2007 Nissan X-Trail
Transmission: Automatic

Gear Included: 

– Feldon Shelter “Crow’s Nest” Roof Top Tent with Queen Mattress
– Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning
– Roof Racks & Straps

Camping Gear:

– 2 Kathmandu or Macpac sleeping bags
– 2 Sets of sheets, pillows, pillow cases, sleeping bag liners
– 2 Blankets
– 2 Camping chairs
– 1 Camping table
– 1 20L Drinking water container
– 1 Head torch with spare batteries
– 1 Set fairy lights
– 1 Set of playing cards
– 1 Dust pan and brush
– 1 Bar soap

Cooking Gear:

– Double burner stove with 4L propane and grill lighter
– 1 25L Chilly bin
– 1 Kettle
– Frying pan and pot
– All cooking utensils: Knife, Spatula, Spoon, Chopping boards, Can opener, Plates, Bowls, Mugs, and Silverware
– Food storage containers
– Scrubbing brush, dish soap, washing basin, tea towels
– 1 Pack baby wipes
– Rubbish bags
– Tea, rice bran oil, salt, and pepper

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Features Include:

Ideal for couples, singles, or mates wanting to get out there and camp the old fashioned way. Driving the Samurai is an experience in itself. You’ll enjoy zipping around the island in our classic little Suzuki.

We also supply an Ipad Mini with pre downloaded instructions on how to set up the Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning. You can see the video below for how to set up the tent.

Vehicle Details:

1997 Suzuki Samurai
Transmission: Manual

Drives: 1-2 people
Sleeps: 1-2 people

Gear Included:

– Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning
– 125L Bush Storage roof top cargo box to store all your camping gear
– Roof Racks & Straps

Camping Gear:

– “Retreat 80” 3 person Kathmandu Tent,
– MacPac self-inflating sleeping mats
– 2 Kathmandu or Macpac sleeping bags
– 2 Sets of sheets, pillows, pillow cases, sleeping bag liners
– 2 Blankets
– 2 Camping chairs
– 1 Camping table
– 1 20L Drinking water container
– 1 Head torch with spare batteries
– 1 Rubber Mallet for tent pegs
– 1 Set fairy lights
– 1 Set of playing cards
– 1 Dust pan and brush
– 1 Bar soap

Cooking Gear:

– Double burner stove with 4L propane and grill lighter
– 1 25L Chilly bin
– 1 Kettle
– Frying pan and pot
– All cooking utensils: Knife, Spatula, Spoon, Chopping boards, Can opener, Plates, Bowls, Mugs, and Silverware
– Food storage containers
– Scrubbing brush, soap, washing basin, tea towels
– 1 Pack baby wipes
– Rubbish bags
– Tea, rice bran oil, salt, and pepp



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Where can we camp on the island?
You may camp at the epic DOC campgrounds, listed here.
You are required to pay the nighlty camping fee.
You may also camp at private campgrounds.  We can highly recommend Schooner bay & Sugarloaf campground.


Is freedom camping allowed on Great Barrier Island?
No. Freedom Camping is not allowed in our vehicles


Are there places to eat on the island and buy food?
Yes. There are plenty of dining options and shops – especially down the southern end of the island.
Up in the North, there is Port Fitzroy Store for groceries, the Burger Bar for lunch, and the Boat Club for dinner.


Can I drink the water from the campground taps?
You can, but boiling the water before drinking is recommended.  We supply you with a 20L water container filled with drinking water.


How do I dispose of my rubbish?
There are no rubbish bins on the island.  You will be supplied with a rubbish bag and must drop off your rubbish at the tip (located 5 minutes from the airport).
We ask that you do not store your rubbish inside the vehicles overnight in order to minimise odours, and instead hang from a tree or fence.


What license do I need?
We require a full NZ driver’s license or a valid international driver’s license for all drivers of the vehicle.


Do I need a credit/debit card?
Yes. We are required by our insurance providers to hold the details of a valid credit/debit card.
The cost of any damage or breach of contract will be deducted from this card.


How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle?
Must be 21 or older


Is there a minimum rental period?
Yes. Our vehicles must be rented for a minimum of 2 Nights.


Can I rent the vehicle out for longer than 2 Nights?
Absolutely.  This is encouraged to make the most of your adventure.


Where do I pick up and drop off the vehicle?
Our depot is located a 2 minute walk from the airport.  Simply exit the airport to the main road, turn left, and walk about 100m.  We are located behind the Motu Bikes depot.  We will meet you here at your chosen pick up / drop off times (chosen during your booking). We will run you through your rental on arrival and meet you again when you return. You will be required to return your rental to us at this location unless other prior arrangements are made.


What are pick up and drop off hours?
Pick up hours are between 2pm-6pm – Drop off hours are between 9am-11am
Late checkout maybe available, but will be subject to availability and be discussed on your arrival.
Please note: Late Fees apply unless prior arrangements are made.


Do you offer airport/accommodation pick ups?
We do not offer airport pick up (as our depot is an easy two minute walk from the terminal).
If you do require a pickup from the airport or somewhere else on the island, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange this.
There will be an additional fee for this service.


Can you pick me up from a different location?
Yes, with prior arrangement.  This will incur an additional fee. Please contact us to arrange.


Are there any other costs?
Petrol:  You are required to pay for your own petrol.  Your car will be rented with a full tank of petrol, and you are required to fill the tank upon returning the car.
Camping:  Each campsite charges a small nightly fee, and you are responsible for paying this.
Cleaning:  If the inside of the vehicle or camping equipment is left excessively dirty, you may be liable to pay an extra cost calculated at an hourly rate of $40/hr.
Rubbish:  You are required to pay for the disposal of your rubbish at the local tip.
Damage/Replacement costs: $2,000 excess (as described in our terms and conditions) for car damage. If any rented equipment is damaged due to improper use, you will be charged the cost of repairing, cleaning, or replacing the item.
Fines:  You are responsible to pay any fines or tickets while using the vehicle.


What is the insurance excess?
The excess is $2,000 if you are 25 and over.  This meaning that if you damage the car or breach the contract, the excess of $2,000 will be charged to your account.  If you are under 25 years of age and over 21 years of age, the excess is $3,000.
Unfortunately you cannot, as per our agreement with our Insurance Company, in anyway reduce the excess cost


Do you hire car seats?
Yes.  We have a car seat available for hire for ages 0 – 12 months.  Please let us know if you require a car seat for an older child and we will do our best to help. You can add a car seat rental to your trip when you complete your booking. Alternatively, you can bring your car seat over on the plane or boat at no additional cost.


What is your cancellation policy?
No cancellation fee will be charged and you will receive a full refund of your booking deposit if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the Pickup Date.  If you cancel between 14-30 days before my Pickup Date, then you will receive a 50% refund.  If you cancel within 14 days of the Pickup Date, you will not receive a refund of your booking or any other amounts paid to the Company and you will be responsible for 100% of the full reservation total.


Am I able to re-schedule my booking?
Yes. You may reschedule your booking with no penalties / charges if you are more than 30 days out from your original booking start date, unless the change is due to impending weather. If the weather forecast for your trip is looking terrible in the days leading up to the booking, you may reschedule with us. Please give us a call. If you need to reschedule within the 30 days, you will need to cancel your booking (See charges associated with this in the above quesiton) & create a new one. If for any reason you can’t get to the island or need to reschedule for another reason, see question below.


What if my flights / ferry is cancelled?
In the unlikely event that your transport to the island is cancelled due to weather conditions (Or other reasons outside of your control) you will be offered a chance to reschedule your booking within the next 12 months. This won’t be at any extra cost to you. If you require a refund because you are unable to complete a booking in the next 12 months, please contact us. Administration fees will apply. You also have the option to transfer your credit to someone else if you cannot use it yourself.


Can I transfer my booking or credit to someone else?
Yes. As long as any exisiting booking details stay the same (and are in line with our cancellation and rescheduling policies) you may change the name on a booking with an admin fee ($10). The same is true for a credit.


Can I take the vehicle Off the Island?


Is there a maximum rental period?
Yes. Our Maxium rental period is 18 Nights. You may contact us for special requests.


Are the vehicles 4WD?

Are the vehicles automatic or manual transmission?
The Nissan Xtrail is automatic transmission.
The Suzuki Samurai is manual transmission.  This car may only be rented by proficient manual drivers.


Can I drive off road or on the beach?
No.  Our vehicles may only be driven on public or private roads.  Any car that is driven off road including on the beach or used to cross streams or rivers, will immediately be liable to pay the excess.  Our insurance provider doesn’t cover any “off road” activity


What if my accommodation requires me to drive on sand or cross a creek or stream?
You will need to make other arrangements with you accommodation provider.  If you need to cross an ankle high ford or similar, that is reasonable and fine.


What about if the road floods?
There are certain sections of road on The Barrier that will flood in heavy rains.  Unless it’s an emergency, you may not drive through any flooded road, as this is not covered by our insurance provider.


When can I use 4WD?
Most roads on The Barrier are sealed.  Few parts of the road require 4WD.  Some accommodation have access roads that are steep and require 4WD.  You may use 4WD: when stuck or when needing to use a road to access accommodation on private property, within reason.  If you are needing to do this, please get in touch with us for written confirmation.


Can I tow a trailer or boat?
You may with the XTrail, but only if discussed and confirmed in writing via email. This will incur an additional fee.


How many people can fit in the vehicles?
Stay High Adventure Vehicle (XTrail):  We recommend no more than 4, to assure that you can fit both your luggage and the supplied camping gear.
Stay Grounded Safari Vehicle (Samurai):  No more than 2.
Surfboards, fishing equipment, and other long items may be stored on the roof, using the supplied roof racks and straps.


Am I responsible for cleaning the car & equipment?
You are responsible for endeavouring to return the vehicle as it was supplied.  You must dispose of your rubbish at the local tip, BEFORE returning the car. If the interior of the vehicle or any of the rented equipment is returned excessively dirty or with rubbish, you will be charged a cleaning fee at an hourly rate of $40/hr.  This will be charged to the credit/debit card that you have supplied to us at the time of your booking.  You will NOT be charged extra for external cleaning of the vehicle as this is out of your control.


What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
If this happens, please call us immediately.  If another vehicle is available, we will drop it off to you immediately.  If another vehicle is not available, you will be offered a refund for the remainder of your booking, or offered another alternative.

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Hi, just wanted to let you know we had a truly wonderful time on GBI. The house was perfect, dry comfortable and we loved the quirky decor. We couldn’t have asked for better. What a beautiful place this Island is. We’ve all fallen in love with it. I was so lucky to discover it.
Thank you for everything.
Julianne, Pedro and Charlie
March 2024

We’re at the airport in Claris, very reluctantly preparing to leave.
Just want to say a huge thanks for getting everything so perfectly right. That accommodation was just stunning – views, sunlight, bird life, ripe figs, proximity to store and Gooseberry Flat swimming, really well stocked kitchen. Absolutely gorgeous in good weather and bad.
This place is magic!
February 2024

Kia Ora team,

Just a quick email to say thank you for all your assistance in organising our recent trip to Great Barrier Island.
Our group had a fantastic time – visiting various places around the island, and walking the Aotea track.
We had an amazing few days at Pitokuku House – what a fantastic place – with some of the team looking to come back and visit again with their families in the future.
We are also keen to come again and perhaps do some of the other walks, and do the Dark Sky experience (although we had some nice evenings just lying out looking up at the stars anyway).
Norm and Fleur were great – and it was fun to be able to give them some Róse which they really appreciated. We were able to communicate with them, and drop off and pick up was seamless…

So again, thank you for all your help and for making a very memorable week away.
Ngā mihi,
Louise Morgan
February 2024

I really want to thank you for all your help with our bookings!
We had a fabulous time, and your advice re. accommodation nights, car rental, and the Aotea track was spot on. Being able to run ideas past you was really much appreciated. Great Barrier Island is so amazing – I didn’t want to leave.
Many thanks,
Michelle Ashbury
July 2023

Just wanted to say thank you for organizing my trip to Great Barrier. I loved everything about the place – the flights, the people, the landscape, the peace and quiet, the fresh air, the amazing scenery, the welcome, the quirky business and the talented artists. What a brilliant trip. I’d like to come again, in winter, and perhaps stay up at Port Fitzroy. Will be in touch. Thanks again, all the best,
Julie Macdonald
May 2023

My daughter and I had a lovely time at Great Barrier over Easter – thanks for organizing everything for us.  Pigeons Lodge was really nice, the Rav 4 was great and we even had dolphins escorting the boat which was lovely.  The cafe’s and restaurant’s we visted provided excellent food and the beaches were gorgeous.  So all in all an awesome weekend.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Averil Naumai
April 2023

Good afternoon Go Great Barrier Island Team,
Sincere thanks for the four night holiday package you arranged for us for last week.  All the bookings you put in place for us were exactly what we needed and flowed seamlessly together.  The location of the accommodation was perfect and the Sundancer cruise (which was awesome!  Thank you Chris) was easily rescheduled when the weather demanded a change.  Everyone we met on Great Barrier Island was so friendly and helpful and we would dearly love to return again sometime soon.
Thank you again.
Kind regards
Hilary McNaughten
December 2022

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your very good service helping us arrange (with some rearrangements) our great visit to the Island last week. Everything went perfectly, flights, car, and we just loved the Beach House. Could you please pass on our very sincere thanks to the owners and property manager – the house was in perfect condition and we would have loved to have stayed with the kaka and the swimming for much longer. We enjoyed the local cafes and pub (including a memorable Thursday night there !), and had a wonderful time exploring all over the island.
Keep up the good work.  We’ll certainly recommend your organisation to others.
Best wishes
Sally Marx
November 2022

Go Great Barrier performs a very valuable service for visitors looking to travel to Great Barrier Island and connect with suppliers of accommodation and travel services.

Initially I was unsure about how to make and coordinate direct bookings but after contacting GGBI they were handled quickly and the outcomes were just what we were looking for, so thank you, Laura and Steve.

We did not expect to alter the bookings made but when we asked to stay another night and fly back to Auckland, Steve arranged these quickly along with transport connections to cover for having no rental car on the final day. Thank you, Steve.

With thanks and kind regards
John Bedkober
October 2022

We just wanted to take a moment to say a massive thank you for the most unforgettable holiday we’ve just had on the Barrier.

It wasn’t the holiday we originally booked, this one was a thousand times better. We saw the whole island spent a lot of time at Medlands, loved the Good Heavens star experience, Sunshine Cottage was off the hook, what amazing views and the attention to detail throughout the cottage was mind blowing and all just added to the holiday. We walked some of the tramway track, saw the art gallery and bought home a very cool painting, walked to the hot pools, and generally enjoyed ourselves the rest of the time. We will be recommending your holidays to everyone we meet.

Again thank you so much for against all odds putting together the perfect holiday for us.

Sarah & Tim
March 2022

Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out our weekend.
I can honestly say we had a blast, the island is absolutely stunning, the people were so nice and friendly we really loved everyone we met.
The Irish pub was awesome. We were lucky enough to be there for Thursday night open mike, and we took full advantage of the fun. We met Pete and Terry who so kindly took us out on their fishing boat, we loved it.
We couldn’t believe how amazing the food was. The whole experience is going to be a huge talking point for us all for a long time.
Thank you once again for everything.
Cheers Nicki

Just to let you know that we had an absolutely wonderful stay. Everything went well – like clockwork.
The rental we had was wonderful and Muriwai was just beautiful – we’re so pleased we stayed there.
We ate at Tipi & Bobs and the Irish Pub – both wonderful evening meals. We visited the Social Club at Tryphena and watched the Super Rugby game.
Lunched at My Pat Puku, visited the crafts and gallery places (the little Museum is wonderful – so much history and displays). We went right to the top of the island by road, and the bottom and to the hot pools.
The signposts and the great well maintained walks and information posts were just superb. The people are so friendly – everyone waves!
Thanks again
Well done Great Barrier Island!
Jenny & Ces Horan

I just wanted to say thank you for the package you put together for us to visit Great Barrier Island.
We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed exploring your stunning island.
You made it so easy, taking care of all the bookings and putting together the things that we wanted to do.
We were met off the plane and handed the keys to our rental car. Norm at the information desk at the airport gave me great maps and recommended some good day walks for us to do (we did most of the day trips he recommended too).
Angeline was at the Great Barrier Lodge when we called in to drop off our bags.
Amongst other things we enjoyed the kauri bridge at Glenfern and the view of Port Fitzroy from Sunset Rock.
We walked to Windy Canyon and beyond into the Pinnacles area for a few hours before walking back out the same way – this was so visually stunning and a real highlight for me.
Hilde was fabulous when we did the Good Heavens Experience.
We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the Sundancer with Chris. We felt very privileged as he still took us out even though we were the only ones.
Our accommodation was just right for us and it was so lovely to spend each evening out on the deck admiring the Whangaparapara Harbour. We ate dinner at the Great Barrier Lodge restaurant each night because it was so good (and we could have a drink and not worry about driving).|
The info sheet you sent through beforehand was useful and the list of places to eat was also helpful – especially for breakfast and lunches.
Thank you again for putting this all together for us – flights, accommodation, rental car & activities.
We had a fabulous trip and really enjoyed exploring the island.
Deborah Malcolm

We would like to thank you for the wonderful holiday we had on the Barrier.
We absolutely loved The Bach, and felt we were in paradise being so close to such a beautiful beach!
We made the most of having some lovely meals out, and all within walking distance.
The swims in the bay were so lovely.
It created a wonderful memory for my husband and I for out 30th Wedding Anniversary. Just perfect!
It was great flying over from Dairy Flat, and we were impressed with the service we received.
Thanks again, we would love to return sometime.
Kerry and Janice Sinclair

We’re back home now and I wanted to say we all had the most fabulous time on Great Barrier Island. Thanks for organising the trip for us, everything was perfect (even the weather!). We went star gazing, did an early morning Astro photography workshop, fishing charter and walked up and over Mt Hobson via the hot pools. We packed all we could into and 5 days and we all hope to return for more exploring.
Helen McMahon

My partner and I just wanted to thank you for booking such an easy holiday for us. The flights were hassle free, along with the accommodation and at the airport the car rental was an easy process. (I loved the sign with my name on it). Also, a special mention to Steve and his trike ride. Steve was such a great host, he picked us up on time, gave us a lovely island tour and even welcomed us back to his house to use his kayak’s anytime. The entire trip was such an easy experience and I highly recommend your service. Thanks again for such an amazing weekend away.

We will definitely be back!

We are here and enjoying this beautiful island of yours. It is truly spectacular!
I only have one gripe.. You must add a suggestion in all your bookings that a 2 night stay is not enough – a minimum stay of at least a week should be recommended as once you are here, you never want to leave.
Thank you so much for your help, I’m already dreading tomorrow when we leave 🙁

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help and advice when organising our recent visit to the Barrier. While the weather wasn’t always perfect, it didn’t stop my sister and I doing anything or from having the best time, including doing some of your fabulous walks. We needed more time to fit more of them in!
The accommodation was really comfortable and perfect for our needs; we were met by a charming young woman from the car rental company and the X-Trail was just the ticket for us to explore the length and breadth of the island (which we did), and we simply loved chatting with locals and restaurant owners while dining out. Your advice and wonderful service were just the icing on the cake, so thank you very much.
You live in a magical place and we’ll be back!

We all just wanted to say thank you so much for organising a great Christmas holiday for us on Great Barrier Island! We had a very special time and made wonderful family memories after being apart in different countries for years. Thank you for all your help and advice, we have recommended you highly to everyone we know.
Thanks again,

I just wanted to thank you for organising everything for us for our weekend. We had a fabulous time! Everything was great – we loved staying at Tipi and Bobs and Marjorie made us very welcome, the units were great, lovely views and the food was fantastic! The cakes were wonderful, Phaedra had done a great job. It’s amazing how much we managed to pack into such a short time, the first time I’ve been there but will certainly come back for a longer stay next time. Once again, thanks for a wonderful job.