Just who do we think we are?

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It's a great question... and we think we've got it figured out!
We could pretend to be a big official tourism entity, with government backing and lots of dedicated staff working tirelessly behind their desks while the board of directors think of new ways to encourage flocks of tourists to our shores.

But thankfully, that's not us...
No we're quite the opposite in fact. You see we're just a little local business and we absolutely love Great Barrier Island. We want to make sure that when you come to visit - you'll head home with nothing but great memories and that sweet subtle feeling of "I've just discovered something very special & awesome." We've had that feeling for over 30 years now...  and it doesn't go away - it just gets stronger. We want to share it with you.

You could think of us as Barrier locals that you know personally.... and so that makes it quite OK for you to call us any time - and know that we'll be able to help you... every time!

Because we're mates, we won't be charging you for any of our information or booking services. Quite the contrary! We'll be offering you discounted travel, accommodation, activities and a genuinely unbiased opinion on what will best suit your requirements and preferences. When you're happy with your choices, we'll put it all together, complete the arrangements and send you all the information, booking numbers and directions that you'll need. You'll receive a comprehensive invoice that you can pretty much pay when it suits you... as long as it's sometime before you actually arrive! But then again -  we have been known to have an invoice settlement at the Irish Pub over a cold beer or at the My Fat Puku Cafe... it's always great to catch up with our customers on island!


So, as well as making sure you get the Great Barrier Island experience that you're truly after...
We run our own passenger transport service which makes it easy for us when we're organising your airport and wharf transfers and bush walk drop-off/pick-up requirements.
We've never left anyone behind or lost a passenger... we have ended up with a few extras now and then though!
We're also the Barriers' Island Tour Specialists. In fact TripAdvisor have rated our Personalised Day Tours as 100% great for over 15 years now. Even we didn't realise we were that good!

We also run Crazyhorse Trike Tours... Oh what a way to see the island. Our oldest thrill seeker was 93 years young and she didn't want to get off!

Yep - that's us... a local Great Barrier Island family tourism business with a huge passion for our island, its wildlife, and its people... We want you to enjoy our paradise as much as we do, and we know how to make that happen... it's easy!

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