Charge into Claris on your e-bike

Bring your own bike and charger to use the free charging facilities on island.

Claris has a brand new Locky Dock station for charging e-bikes, located outside the Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board office – Straight across the road from the Claris Airport.

The charging station is solar-powered, free, and available 24/7.

In 2019, the local board’s “One Local Initiative” project to develop a solar energy system for the Aotea council building was completed. The project came in under budget, so the board investigated the addition of an electric bike charging unit.


Initially planned as a three-bay bike charging unit, the final design includes five bays, allowing for five e-bikes to charge at once.

Cycle on over and try it out. It’s BYO charger, so don’t forget to pack yours, and you can download the Locky Dock app on an iPhone or Android to securely lock and unlock your bike.

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