Map of Great Barrier Island

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 You can get an idea on what the different areas of Great Barrier Island are like by taking a look at our 'Previews of Paradise' mini video series. You'll find general information about the main settlement areas and some great little 'Quick-Clips' to whet your appetite. Click Here...


Driving Times from Claris

Tryphena Wharf - 25 minutes
Okupu - 15 minutes
Whangaparapara - 20 minutes
Awana - 15 minutes
Harataonga - 35 minutes
Okiwi - 40 minutes
Port FitzRoy - 50 minutes

Drive carefully and always stay left

Remember, you'll be sharing our windy and sometimes narrow roads with trucks, buses, hitchhikers and mountain-bikers.
So - take your time and enjoy exploring Great Barrier Island.

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