Electric Motorbike Hire ~ Great Barrier Island

Life’s about the journey! Winding along forest roads, gliding silently under a starry night sky, chatting with friends as you cruise to beautiful white sand beaches - Motubikes is for anyone who wants to make the most of exploring one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Aotearoa.


The Motubikes (‘Motu’ translates from Te Reo Maori as ‘island’) concept is centered around being a very low environmental impact business while still offering a fun and exciting alternate means of travel around one of NZ’s most stunning natural environments.
We are located at Claris Airport, however we can deliver bikes or pick people up from all over the island - so if you are visiting by ferry or have cruised over on a boat, you won’t miss out!​



Motubikes is powered by UBCO bikes - a New Zealand company which began by offering an electric two wheel drive motorbike to farmers and is now taking on the world stage. In classic NZ innovation fashion they are designed to be simple, reliable and robust.

  • Moped classification – Only a NZ full driver’s licence or international equivalent required to ride
  • No pedals, no gears, no chain, no fuss - turn key and go!
  • Environmentally friendly - Solar charged, with batteries being recycled at the end of their life.
  • Silent and safe - electric motors in both the front and rear wheels for better traction, lightweight, low centre of gravity.
  • USB and 12v charging ports.


Special rates for opening season!

  • $20/hr- for those who only want a short adventure.
  • $75/full day- this includes overnight (until 10am) - use your Motubike for night exploration or multi day adventures!


Phone: +64 (0) 22 344 0645
Email: info@motubikes.co.nz
Website: click here...


67 Hector Sanderson Rd, Claris – right beside the airport!



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