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Laura Billingham shoots people...

With a camera that is!
Great Barrier Island has long been a haven for all manner of artists, musicians and craftsmen. Photographers too have been inspired by the natural beauty and dramatic landscapes found around every corner.
The island's many moods and tones have been captured from above, from off-shore and from every conceivable angle and outlook.
Laura Billingham however, is inspired by the people. The residents & island characters she's known all her life - and the people that have just discovered Great Barrier for the first time. The children, the mums & dads, the grandparents and her own contemporaries... these are the subjects she's focused on.

Laura - Great Barrier Island

In 2013 Laura moved back home to the island with her partner Ngawhare.
Now together with their one-year old daughter, Harmony, these 3 born & bred Barrierites live together in their home on the Sanderson Farm in Claris.
"I'm a naturally passionate person" she says. "I'm passionate about the island, my family & my friends. It's important to me that these things endure and I'm conscious of change - I want to honour them and I can do that best by recording them before and as they change."

And record them she does... Her portfolio includes weddings, island events, personal portrait sessions and snapshots of island life & environment.

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"For me, it's about capturing the human aspect. I'm after emotion and honesty. Even when I'm shooting personal portraits I strive for 'natural' rather than posed."
I've done a little property photograhy for real estate companies and have some work coming up with New Zealand Gardener Magazine but to be honest, my main focus is on documenting the people... we're such a diverse and interesting bunch!"

Who: Laura Jade Photography
What: Personal and private photography service... Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and any special occasion - like life!
Where: Great Barrier Island
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Introducing Laura Jade Photography… Focusing on the people
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