Whether you are travelling alone or want to organise a group holiday, Orama have a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from. They can offer you tastefully decorated self-contained units with magnificent views of the bay and sunsets to die for, or if you just want a bed to crash in after a strenuous day of hiking, they have simpler options of cabins or bunks. They can accommodate and cater meals for you or a group of up to 120 guests.
This stunning property features a tranquil beach, expansive grounds, a safe pre-school play area, huge dining hall (for up to 120 guests) with sea views, commercial kitchen/catering options, well equipped conference rooms with a data projector, a seated auditorium, recreation hall, laundry, general store, public phone and  a library.
Orama is situated at Karaka Bay, slightly north of Port Fitzroy.

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