Getting to Great Barrier Island by air from Waiheke

Flight Hauraki - Great Barrier Island FlightsFlight Hauraki really are your Waiheke connection.
They make it easy with regular daily flights between Great Barrier Island and Waiheke or Ardmore Airport.
All flights include aviation headsets so you can easily communicate with your pilot and friends or family. As they say "When you travel with Flight Haurakiyour holiday begins when you get to the airport, not the destination."
Book on-line below, or call our friendly staff now on 0800 997 222.

  • Bookings essential, minimum two fares per booking.
  • Standard luggage weight 15kg per passenger. Excess by arrangement.
  • $149 each way between Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island.
  • Flights departing outside of scheduled time will be on demand - please call.

waiheke flights

Departing for Great Barrier Island daily from:

Waiheke 8.20am 8.50am
Waiheke 3.20pm 3.50pm

Departing Great Barrier Island daily for:

Waiheke 9.00am 9.30am
Waiheke 4.00pm 4.30pm

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